Sinaia, one of the most beautiful mountain resorts in Romania, reveals itself to its beholder as a place with a rich cultural and social past.

Former residence of the royal family, Sinaia entwines the beauty of nature with the charm of architectural art like no other.

Sinaia is one of the oldest mountain resorts in Romania. Located at an altitude that varies between 798 m and 971 m, 121 km away from Bucharest, it offers its guests the best conditions for spending quality free time, as well as for treatment holidays – all throughout the year.

The ideal housing place in Sinaia must breathe the personality of the place.

It is the reason why the Lucia Villa Complex, situated in the Furnica area, guards the soul of Sinaia.

The Domina Villa, contemporary with the Peleș Castle, displays a distinguished architecture, for aristocratic guests. Meanwhile, the character of the Dona and Draga villas reveals a montane style, honest and intimate at the same time.

Winter sports amateurs will find a bobsled slide in Sinaia, several ski slides with different levels of difficulty, as well as sled slides. A cable car, a ski chairlift, a telegondola and teleski are also available for winter sports enthusiasts.

At the centre of the station is the cable car. Here you can embark on a journey to the top of the mountain daily, from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Routes to the cabins of the Bucegi Mountains: Cota 1400, Cota 1500, the Miorița Cabin at 2000 m, the Piatra Arsă Cabin, Babele… Before the 2nd World War, Sinaia was the resort where the Romanian aristocracy spent the Summer. The first place to visit here is the Sinaia Monastery.

You can have the next stop at the Peleș Castle, one of the most well-preserved royal palaces in Europe and the Summer residence of the first Hohenzollern King of Romania, Carol I.

Pelișor is situated right next to the Peleș Castle and was the Summer residence of the 2nd Hohenzollern King, Ferdinand. Beyond Pelișor lies one other palace, later built by
Romanian dictator Ceaușescu in a Spanish style, in his desire to rise above the royal family.

The George Enescu memorial house, located in the Cumpătu district, is currently under the administration of the European Cultural Centre and hosts concerts performed by young and well-known artists, as well as creative and craftsmanship workshops, musical auditions, expositions – thus, it is a priceless cultural and museal centre.

The Ghica Park, located in the centre of the town and renovated recently, will give you the opportunity to relax. Recently, the bench built here by Carol I in 1905 was restaurated.

You’ll find the park an ideal place for children as well, due to the playground.