Sinaia. In the embrace of the Furnica Mountain…

The Lucia Villa Complex entices you to discover the true meaning of chic.

A charm forged by the fusion of city comfort and closeness to nature, by the traditional and the modern, the local and the cosmopolitan spirit…

A universe of elegance will be revealed to you as you take your first steps. The rooms offer you an oasis of serenity and comfort, and are a perfect place for your holiday.

More precisely – sensitive design.

Domina and Draga – modern and traditional.

Villa Domina – a petite castle built around the time Peleş was created – welcomes you with its graceful line and its tall, luminous openings.

In its immediate vicinity – Villa Draga celebrates the local spirit with its pure and down-to-earth architecture. The dominance of traditional materials – wood and stone – serves the same purpose.

The Lucia Villas offer their guests a refined experience in a distinguished scenery, found in the Sinaia mountain resort.
Thus, we invite you to discover our rental offers for the Draga and Domina villas.